Sunday, 31 January 2021

Update for DMP-A50 FE

DMP-A50 FEv2 - an update for the DMP-A50 FE custom firmware, for the NW-A50Series players.

As with the DMP-WM1 FE/DMP-300 FE updates, this update adds two boot modes.

As DMP-A50R FE needs some attention in regards to issues that some users are encountering, only DMP-A50 FE (stock based) gets the "v2" update at the moment.


  1. hatsunemiku90February 01, 2021

    Hey there, i've tried DMP-A50FEv2 using an A55 bought from Japan (Code:J), it's working rather well! Thx for your hard work, and i'm looking forward to the DMP-A50R FEv2!
    P.S. Hope the missing feature (e.g. NFC,FM,etc.)will come back in future versions!

  2. hi,i saw a comment on discussion about recalibrating battery, is there anything like that to be done here? if so, how to do it?

    1. Hey, disable the Battery Care option, then just discharge the player until you cannot turn it on anymore, followed by a complete charge without using the player while it's charging.