Sunday, 7 February 2021

Issues with A40 mods

Some people are encountering issues with the newly released A40 mods. Everything works fine on my side, but I will do some thing differently to make it work ok for everyone.

Apologies for the issues.

Update (February 8th):

I've updated the download link for the modified firmware, as well as for the A50 stock port for A40.

Please download it again, and let me know if the sound works ok.

Of course, if you still have one of the not working versions installed (or any previous modified firmware), you would first need to revert back to stock.

Note that after installing either one of these three firmware versions (DMP-A40 FEv2 / Project Z / A50 stock port for A40) the settings may be reset, and the data in the internal storage may be deleted (I'm not sure if it's both, or just the settings getting reset).

Also, for everyone wanting to try one of the available custom firmware for any device, please read all the information available on the page first!


  1. I suggest to mark it as beta version to give it for veryone for testing. Thanks for the good work btw :)

  2. Thanks for the help, highly appreciated.

  3. Will the changed version gonna have any differnce from those that have no problem with the installation

    1. Can i ask you - i tested whole evening your brand new firmwares - and while installing\reinstalling DMP2 and ProjectZ - i wondered - if im for mistake will install extra tuning 2 times in the row, or vice-versa - stock revert extra tuning several times in the row (there is no any visual signs of indication is extra tuning applied) - will it affect something in a bad way or nothing change? Cause i dont even know how is all this extra tuning thing works-_-

    2. Hey man, don't think too much about this. I would've mentioned if something would not be ok regarding the external tunings.