Friday, 20 August 2021

Update for WM1A/WM1Z

Midnight (v2) and Dawn (v2) are now available for the WM1A/WM1Z players

Thanks to Nayparm at for his generous donation of a WM1A (after having to sell mine, unfortunately).

The update brings a settings system (based on a file created automatically in the internal storage) which allows you to change the region, if you'd like to start the Plus mode by default or not, and more!

There is also a new Plus mode available (choose which Plus mode to use in the settings file).

Please read the disclaimer box in the firmware installer, and also open the settings file after installing the firmware, and read all the info in there.

Soon to come there will be a simple firmware to give a WM1A the WM1Z sound, for those interested. Of course, it will only be available for WM1A.