Saturday, 4 September 2021

Update for WM1A and NW-A50Series

Midnight v2 (for 1A) and Midnight v2 (for A50) are now available.

Thanks again to Nayparm at for his generous donation of a WM1A (after having to sell mine, unfortunately).

Why a WM1A-specific Midnight?

This is a new approach for getting the WM1A even closer to the WM1Z sound signature. Now, a WM1A running Midnight v2 (for 1A) will sound the closest ever to a WM1Z running Midnight v2 (with both using the same options in the settings file and the same external tuning).

What's up with the Midnight version for NW-A50Series?

Midnight v2 for A50 is now based on the WM1A/Z firmware, and brings greatly improved sound quality, among with other features.

Next plans are:
- have a mod solely for having the WM1Z sound signature on a WM1A
- WM1A/Z-based mods for ZX300
- WM1A/Z-based mods for A30/A40


  1. Awesome,is the firmware updated every Saturday now?I'm now looking forward to the new firmware for A30.

    1. Not every Saturday, just when there is something to do an update for :)

      The A30 firmware should come tomorrow most probably.

    2. Wow!Thanks for your dedication and I can't wait to experience the new firmware.

  2. Waiting for ZX300's! :)

    1. Will work on the A30 one first, as it's not too different than the ones for A50/A40, and then there'll be ZX300.

  3. Looking forward for the other future updates, keep it up!