DMP-300 FEv2 (Final Edition)

This custom firmware aims to bring the DMP-Z1 sound signature to the Sony ZX300/A Walkman players.

Update (January 29th):
- two boot modes: "Classic" and "Plus";
- all visualizations are now more in sync with the music;
- when the player's battery is empty and it cannot turn on, you will see a charging battery image on the screen when connecting the charging USB cable (instead of just a red LED on the side).

Boot modes:
"Classic" - provides the normal DMP-300 FE sound signature;
"Plus" - adds improved rendition of this sound signature (a more accurate and balanced sound, with better controlled bass, improved detail retrieval, better soundstage holography, more present mids), at the expense of additional battery usage.

• The boot mode is selected by using the Hold button on the side of your player before your start the player - the "down" position of the hold button is for "Classic", while the "up" position is for "Plus" - for example leave the button in the "down" position while the player is starting, and it will start in the "Classic" mode.

• You can check the current boot mode by going into the "Unit information" menu in Settings.

• You don't have to do anything with the Hold button while installing the firmware. Just install the firmware and the external tuning, and after that you can use the Hold button as described above.

Previous updates:
- improved sound signature - fuller, deeper, and more impactful bass, natural and lifelike vocals, and non-fatiguing and smooth highs, with impeccable details

- sound signature aimed at resembling the one of the DMP-Z1
- native DSD playback over the 3.5 mm output
- DSEE AI (present on DMP-Z1)
- progressive JPEG and interlaced PNG album covers are supported


Instructions (read all, carefully)

1. Install DMP-300_FEv2.exe
2. Install DMP-300_FEv2_Ext_Tuning (run FirmwareUpdateTool.exe from inside the folder
the installation will not be complete without also applying the external tuning!

• For both steps the player should restart into the update mode
and then the update bar on the player's screen should reach the end.

To revert to the stock firmware:
1. Install StockRevert_(DMP-300_FEv2).exe
2. Install StockRevert_Ext_Tuning (run FirmwareUpdateTool.exe from inside the folder)

• For both steps the player should restart into the update mode.
• The update bar on the player's screen is supposed to reach the end
only for the first step.


What should I do if I'm using one of the previous DMP-300 custom firmware versions?

1. Revert to stock using the StockRevert corresponding to your currently installed firmware

2. Install DMP-300 FEv2 following the instructions above

You can find the StockRevert for the previous DMP-300 and DMP-300 FE firmware versions, here.




  1. Thank you,Mr.walkman!

  2. Mr. Walkman, Thank you so much!!!! especially for the progressive JPEG's cover support. sony should hire you

  3. Thanks for sharing your great work with all of us. Much appreciated, sir!

  4. Thank you so much! This firmware is the bomb!!!!

    Sorry if asked already, but would you consider putting battery percentage(like numbers 80%) in the firmware?

    Thank you again!!!

    1. Thanks!

      Unfortunately that's not really possible without access to the source code of the app.

  5. OMG, Mr.Walkman what you do is an masterpiece, I should call you an artist for this dedication, many many respect for you!

  6. Progressive JPEG support!!!!
    Man I wish I found this *before* transferring my music over.
    I had to convert hundreds of album covers to "regular" JPG to get the art to show up properly :(

  7. Hello,

    I´ve downloaded the file and my Antivirus (Bitdefender) says that DMP-300_FE\StockRevert_Ext_Tuning.exe is infected with Trojan.GenericKD.44548124. Any advice on this? Thx

    Same applies for DMP-300_FE_Ext_Tuning.exe is infected with Trojan.GenericKD.35695923

    1. There was this article: - but it seems that BitDefender is detecting false positives as well.

      Feel free to use WinRAR or 7Zip to check out the contents of the .exe files, and you will see that the smaller files (external tunings) are containing the exact same things as the bigger files, except a smaller size .UPG file (which is the file containing firmware data).

      If you don't have any way to work with these files, then I suggest not using them if you don't believe me and you don't have any means to do some tests for yourself to conclude that it's a false positive.

      You could also try sending a sample to BitDefender and get their response. You could send both a smaller and a bigger .exe together.

    2. This is Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool (, which was the quickest way to use Kaspersky on my computer, as I don't actually have a license bought for it.

      1. Scan results of the ZX300 firmware:
      2. MD5 hash for the external tuning (so you can know it's the same file):
      3. MD5 hash for the StockRevert external tuning:

      As you can see from the scan results, the files inside the .exe files are exactly the same mentioned in the FAQ (

  8. Awesome work MrWalkman! These DMP mods are a must have! Out of curiousity, does this mod affect battery life, as I feel my ZX300 eats through its battery a tad quicker. Maybe I'm just using it more haha!

    I have had a few times where the player has frozen and forced a restart when it's been sat for a couple of days. Usually crashes and restarts as soon as i try to use it? Do you have any advice on whether it's the player or the software?

    Sorry, just looking into whether it's a bug that needs fixing or an issue I'm experiencing with the hardware....

    1. Hey, the battery life shouldn't be affected. Something you could do is letting the player completely discharge (until it can't turn on) and then letting it fully charge (without using it), while Battery Care option is disabled. This should help recalibrate the battery's capacity.

      I also didn't encounter any kind of freezing/restarts. Are you sure this doesn't happen on the stock firmware as well?

      On my player, I'm not disabling the auto turn off feature, so it turns off automatically after 24 hours.

  9. I still don't quite understand the installation process,help me

    1. Hey, it's pretty simple, download the file and then follow the steps above.

      Otherwise, I would advise not trying to install this.

  10. hi, the file (StockRevert_Ext_Tuning.exe) has trojan detected. has anyone encountered this? it says wacatac

    1. Nothing new, or true:

    2. thanks for clarifying!

  11. Hi MrWalkman, thank you try much for your work, i'm ecited about installing it. I have two questions:
    1) How does the firmware affect the soundstage?
    2) Is there any mac version or i'll have to look for a pc for doing it?
    Thanks again

    1. Hey, thanks!

      1. I'm sorry, but I mentioned before that I won't get into details about the inner workings.
      2. Unfortunately there isn't a Mac version.

  12. When "connect the player to the computer with a USB cable", I do it, I click "OK" and nothing happens !!!
    I have the FW DMP-WM1, and the StockRevert for DMP-WM1 dont work ??

    1. Hey, this is the ZX300 page, not the WM1A/Z one.

      Download the StockRevert packages for DMP-WM1 and DMP-WM1 II that you can find on the DMP-WM1 FE page.

      If you can't manage that, send me an email (see the "Contact" page).

  13. Detected as Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.D1!ml by Windows, would like to know if the file is still fine.

    1. Hey, yes, I mentioned this here:

  14. Just nitpicking and a tiny observation. The instructions above should immediately mention this before anything else. For people who are already using the two previous DMP firmwares (DMP and DMP FE), they should revert to stock firmware first using the appropriate stock revert file also included here by MrWalkman. After that then you can proceed to install the latest DMP FEv2 firmware. Everything should be successfully installed following this procedure. Thanks a lot for this game-changing update, MrWalkman! I'll post some comments later on head-fi regarding my listening experience.

    1. The download link is at the bottom, so people will have to scroll down anyway. Why not just read the info while doing that, instead of rushing to download?

      The idea is that someone accesses the page. The first thing is to get to know more about what's on this page, followed by instructions about how to install it, and then the download link.

      If people can't read some info located above the download link, why would they read the info that is not close to the link?

      Mysteries of the world.

  15. hi mr.walkman,
    my zx300 still shows me that i am on DMP-FE mode after installing the "StockRevert_(DMP-300_FE)_29.01.exe". the install process stops or not going till the end. i am doing something wrong? sorry for the circumstances, thank you...

    1. Hey, contact me via email:

  16. Hey, thanks for this! So far, this is almost perfect. Installation was easy and it sounds great. Love the progressive JPEG and interlaced PNG support too!

    Is it possible to request a small feature also related to cover art? currently the device just supports images with [foldername].ext, is it possible to add support for "cover.ext" or 'folder.ext"?

    1. Hello, I'm glad that you like it!

      Unfortunately this kind of changes are not possible at the moment. You could also integrate the covers in the files themselves, as I'm sure you know.

    2. All good, was worth the ask!

      I'm a sucker for an even music library (hence all covers are cover.jpg, and nothing else), and embedding cover art just adds a lot of bulk. Might try and export with embedded cover art to the ZX300 though!

  17. Hi,
    Is it possible by any chance to change the boot image (the orange Walkman logo) please ?