Frequently Asked Questions

- I downloaded a firmware archive, and my antivirus says that there is a trojan in it. Why is that? Are you trying to infect my computer?

No, I am not trying to infect your computer. The detection is usually happening with Microsoft Defender, and it's usually with the smaller .exe files.

The .exe files are actually SelF-eXtracting archives (SFX), which are set to launch another executable found inside them, which is actually the executable which handles the firmware update.

These are the files and folders that can be found inside these SFX archives:

My guess is that in the case of the smaller .exe SFX archives, the antivirus sees a small executable, containing another executable inside, and that looks suspicious enough for it that it triggers the detection.

If you're gonna use a more serious antivirus, like BitDefender or Kaspersky, the detection will not happen, because they actually scan what is inside of that SFX archive, instead of "jumping to the conclusion" that it looks like some type of virus, just because there's an executable inside another executable, and as a whole it has a smaller file size.

The detection happens on my computer as well sometimes, and I once tried sending a sample to the Microsoft Defender team, who confirmed that there should be no detection happening. They recommended me to update the virus definitions with a certain CMD command, but to no effect.

I will try to find another way of packing the firmware updates, with the hope that this false detection will go away.