Project Z (for ZX300)

A custom firmware for the ZX300 players, combining sound characteristics of the WM1Z and DMP-Z1 sound signatures.

- a lushy warm, organic, analogue sound signature, with harshless highs, improved detail retrieval, full and balanced sound, and with an airy and holographic presentation (especially in the Plus mode) - characteristics of both the WM1Z and DMP-Z1 sound signatures;
- two boot modes: "Classic" and "Plus";
- native DSD playback over the 3.5 mm output;
- DSEE AI (present on DMP-Z1);
- visualizations in sync with the music;
- progressive JPEG and interlaced PNG album covers are supported;
- showing a battery "charging/needs charging" image when the player cannot turn on anymore if the battery is too low.

Boot modes:
"Classic" - provides the normal Project Z sound signature;
"Plus" - adds improved rendition of this sound signature (a more accurate and balanced sound, with better controlled bass, improved detail retrieval, better soundstage holography, more present mids), at the expense of additional battery usage.

• The boot mode is selected by using the Hold button on the side of your player before your start the player - the "down" position of the hold button is for "Classic", while the "up" position is for "Plus" - for example leave the button in the "down" position while the player is starting, and it will start in the "Classic" mode.

• You can check the current boot mode by going into the "Unit information" menu in Settings.

• You don't have to do anything with the Hold button while installing the firmware. Just install the firmware and the external tuning, and after that you can use the Hold button as described above.

From personal experience, the best sound is achieved with the region J. However, feel free to experiment with other regions as well.


Instructions (read all, carefully)

1. Install Project_Z.exe
2. Install Project_Z_Ext_Tuning (run FirmwareUpdateTool.exe from inside the folder
the installation will not be complete without also applying the external tuning!

• For both steps the player should restart into the update mode
and then the update bar on the player's screen should reach the end.

To revert to the stock firmware:
1. Install StockRevert_(Project_Z).exe
2. Install StockRevert_Ext_Tuning (run FirmwareUpdateTool.exe from inside the folder)

• For both steps the player should restart into the update mode.
• The update bar on the player's screen is supposed to reach the end
only for the first step.


What should I do if I'm using one of the previous/existing custom firmware versions?

1. Revert to stock using the StockRevert corresponding to your currently installed firmware

2. Install Project Z following the instructions above

You can find the StockRevert for DMP-300/DMP-300 FE/DMP-300 FEv2 firmware versions, here.




  1. may i know how's the improvement compare FE1 update? and how's the quality of sound compare to stock fw of wm1a?

    1. Hey, as it's mentioned above, this firmware brings a more warm and analogue presentation. It was not meant to be better or worse than FEv2.

      So if you like a more warm sound signature, you can give this a try.

      Regarding differences, a ZX300 with DMP-WM1 FEv2 or Project Z should sound better than a stock WM1A.

  2. Apakah suara lebih bagus dari FE v2?

    1. Hey, it would be better to just try it out yourself. Hearing is subjective, so while I might like something, you may not like the same thing.

  3. hi, both the stock revert and tuning exe wont detect my zx300, what should i do?
    my zx300 can be detected by my pc and i can transfer files over.

    1. So you installed Project Z and now StockRevert can't detect your ZX300, or what happened?

  4. Please send me an email:

  5. Hey there! Love your work. Not sure how I managed to do this but I managed to install custom ZX300 software on my A55L and now I can't revert back to standard. Is it possible I can revert back to stock and where can I find official stock firmware please?

    1. Check out this page:

      Always make sure to read all the instructions for every custom firmware that you install, and to save any future necessary files.

  6. Strangely, only project z keeps saying that the usb connection is not working. What should I do?
    Other custom firmware works well.

    1. Hey, just make sure that you're using the corresponding StockRevert package, as per the instructions.

  7. Thx MrWalkman for your hardwork for the Ultimate Sound to my Sony nw ZX300... form Indonesia region.